What should I wear?

Participants are advised to wear comfortable running gear and shoes suited to running on road surfaces.

Where will toilets/first aid be located?

Toilets will only be located at the start and finish venue. A first aid box is available at the start and finish venue as well. There will also be an ambulance with trained personnel for the duration of the run.

Will there be water stations on the route?

Only one water station will be available. It will be strategically placed along the route. Participants are encouraged to bring their own water bottle as there will be a limited number of paper cups provided. 

Can I run with ipods/mp3 players?

We strongly discourage participants from using iPod and mp3 player while running. Participants who run with their ipod/mp3 MUST ensure that they are aware of their surrounding and able to receive instructions from the marshals on duty.

Can I run with my pets (cats/dogs)?

Unfortunately, no. As a safety precaution, participants are not allowed to bring or carry their pets during the entire event.

What happens if it rains on event day?

The event will proceed as planned if it is a drizzle and the roads and pavements are not slippery. Nevertheless, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the run in case of extreme weather. Please note that no refunds will be made if the event is cancelled Regardless of the weather, we encourage everyone to enjoy the other activities organized in conjunction with the event, i.e. the presentation by an invited speaker.

Will there be any time restrictions?

No, participants can complete their run/walk at their own pace, however all participants need to follow road safety rules.